finesse (v): to use great delicacy and skill

Hi, I'm Carissa Arend.

I write to convey the beauty of truth

confront human struggles,

capture triumph in adversity.

Recent blog posts

“Death terrifies me. My greatest fear is being left behind, abandoned, forgotten. So death poses an immense threat, threatening to someday take those dearest to me.” Read More

Confessions of a Self-Righteous soul

“Self-righteousness is an insidious, “respectable” sin that often masquerades as holiness. I know, because it’s always been a lurking temptation for me, my own master deceiver.” Read More

Defiant Gratitude

"Last week I visited my former university––a place heavy with memories. I assumed I’d be long-forgotten, swept away by the tides of time." Read More

My collaborations include: