Beautiful Eulogy's Instruments of Mercy Album Review

beautiful-eulogy-instruments-of-mercyBeautiful Eulogy, a Portland-based group composed of three hiphop artists, has far too rich of a sound to be mainstream. In their second album, Instruments of Mercy, that sound is exhibited, stretched to the limits, and ultimately shown to be resilient – as resilient as the message it conveys. maxresdefaultThe opener, "Cello from Portland," is organic and earthy, with an engaging beat reverberating throughout the rest of the songs. "Vital Lens" is an exquisite track, emphasizing the importance of a biblical worldview. Much like the rest of the album, it is a complex song that is lyrically dense but well worth a listen or two to catch the clever wordplay and heavy doctrinal truths.

"You Can Save Me" is a soulful soul-search accompanied by MARZ's chocolatey voice and a trip-hop beat. "If God is love, why does he allow the hatred/If he wiped out the wicked, the whole earth would be vacant.” "Symbols and Signs" observes shrewdly, "Don't you find it interesting/How most of the time your self-interpreting/Seems to coincide with what's deep inside your heart's desire/Seems rather convenient, doesn't it?"

Instruments of Mercy is mind-glowingly straightforward and powerful. It shows how believers, endowed with the power of God, are instruments of mercy. Their entire mission statement can be summed in lyrics from "Vital Lens": "We, the Beautiful Eulogy, attempt to communicate audibly and visually to help you hear and see the glory of God clearly." Experimental genre-blending through organic yet urban sounds has never sounded so sweet.