2014 Summer Playlist

We're in the throes of summer! These are the days when one has the most time on one's hands, so what better time to discover new music?Foster_the_People_-_Supermodel "Best Friend" - Foster The People. Combining familiar elements of a FtP song — Mark Foster's seemingly ubiquitous voice and hugely catchy hooks — this song thrives on a big band sound. A song about the paralyzing nature of writer's block, it matches the rest of the songs on Supermodel in both energy and eccentricity.


"Weight of Love" - The Black Keys. For those with an affinity towards blues, The Black Keys' new record is chockfull of gorgeously lush psychedelia. Just as the title implies, the track delivers a lot of weight and is one of the most resounding and impacting album openers I have ever heard. Dan Auerbach's magnificent guitar solo wraps around your head and is hard to shake off, making the song a perfect earworm for a summer day.


"Thinking About You" - Calvin Harris (ft. Ayah Marar). As overrated as Calvin Harris usually is, this song from 18 Months is an under-appreciated gem. Ayah Marar's vocals are a breath of fresh air; she sings with an effortless confidence that imbues the mood one is in after listening to the song. The pure infectiousness of this house track begs its status as a quintessential summer anthem.

"Hunger of the Pine" - alt-J. Although it may not alt-J-This-Is-All-Yoursseem like the obvious obvious choice for a summer anthem, there is a breezy, beach cruiser quality to alt-J's latest teaser from their forthcoming album This Is All Yours. Clocking in at just under 5 minutes, the song is a veritable journey in and of itself. It has everything from fiery female vocal clips to wavering saxophone to complex rhythmic syncopation to chanted French poetry. And yes, French poetry. It doesn't get much better than this.

(Click on each image to listen to the corresponding song.)