Plastic Love and Perseverance

Love is not just a gear in the machine of American consumerism.

What a shocker, I know.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, passing cynics can often be overheard lamenting the fact that they have no one on whom to lavish gifts, as if that was the epitome of expressing love. 

Commercialized love is as artificial as the objects bought to express it. Plastic love forges plastic souls. Humanity is lost in the pursuit of materialistic expressions of a feeling––it doesn’t stem from profits earned or yearly obligations met.

The last time I checked, you do not need chocolate, wine, and roses that wither about as quickly as most relationships in order to prove love.

It’s not like those gifts should be frowned on. The danger occurs when love between couples, friends, and family members is reduced to an annual gift-a-thon in which each person loses sight of the daily sacrifices and tenacity that true love requires.

Love isn’t a flittery, fragile emotion based purely on circumstances, attraction, and what you can get from another person. It is a gritty, perseverant laying aside of self-interests to serve others. 

The Creator of the universe fully embodied this in sending His Son, and the frailty of human love is nothing compared to the strength of His. He is the one who enables the journey of earthly love to flourish and reach ultimate fulfillment in Him, which is an ideal that cannot be confined to an over-commercialized holiday.

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