The leaves tremble in anticipation of the night, closely preceded by a reigning misty fog.
I tremble in anticipation of approaching darkness, perceiving that my fears lurk in the descending drizzle.
I see you everywhere. Even the tree branches drifting outside my window seem to hold traces of your presence.
He is present, even when you are not. He is eternal, even though you are not.
He is ours, but we are not each other's.
I crumble in anticipation of impending separation, a tearing away of old affections and distancing of lingering love.
He is here, even when you aren't.
He is consolation, peace, joy, hope.
He is faithful, always good, and we are His.
He is my all in all. Only Him. May my eyes be fixed on what is eternal. Father, I need You.

December 2015